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Who We Are

Adcole Corporation is a market-driven, product innovation company dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial metrology products that meet the demands of modern manufacturing tolerances.

Adcole gages are the world standard for precision, accuracy, and reliability.

Identify & Solve Manufacturing Problems
Improving Production Output
Reducing Scrap Cost
Save Engineering Troubleshooting Time

Industries We Serve


Companies at the forefront of the aerospace industry require metrology solutions to match their precise performance needs.

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Adcole products bring sub-micron accuracy and conformance in camshaft and crankshaft measurement to factory floors across the automotive industry.

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Heavy Diesel Equipment

The versatility of Adcole’s gages means that they can be put to use on equipment big and small—heavy diesel machines and vehicles being no exception.

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Adcole is respected worldwide for the durability of our metrology solutions. Whether you’re using Adcole products in a lab environment or right on your industrial facility’s factory floor, our gages will continue to operate at the highest possible level of performance.

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Locomotive Engine & Rail

Adcole’s team of experts understands that, when it comes to locomotive engines and rails, precise, repeatable measurements are of the utmost importance, which is why our engineers have designed our gages to provide reports you can rely on.

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Power Generation

When it comes to evaluating parts for power generation, Adcole’s metrology solution provide unequaled accuracy, ease of use, and efficiency.

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Pumps & Compressors

Using Adcole’s metrology systems to assess industrial pump parts and compressors improves production output, helps to identify and solve manufacturing problems, and saves engineers troubleshooting time.

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Adcole’s gages are constructed to ensure the kind of extremely low inherent error that is necessary in the highly precise field of robotics.

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Small Engine & Appliances

Discover how Adcole gages can help your company get faster, more accurate measurements of small engine and appliance parts.

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Just like your transportation/trucking company, Adcole is in it for the long haul; we pride ourselves on the fact that our gages are never obsolete.

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World Class Technical Support

Adcole gages are backed by a team of knowledgeable field support engineers who are located in Service Centers throughout the world.


Global Offices

With offices all over the world, our expert staff of engineers is here to assist you with any optic metrology-related queries.
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