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With increased demand for efficiency and performance in the next generation of engines, precise measurements are of critical importance. Adcole gages are up to the challenge.


Companies at the forefront of the aerospace industry require metrology solutions to match their precise performance needs.


Angularity describes the specific orientation of one feature to another at a referenced angle.


Adcole products bring sub-micron accuracy and conformance in camshaft and crankshaft measurement to factory floors across the automotive industry.

Avg Max Height of Profile

The average maximum height of profile is a computation derived by taking an average as defined by the sampling of the maximum height of a component’s profile: this parameter is frequently used to check whether the profile has protruding peaks that might affect static or sliding contact function of a component.


The automotive industry has counted on Adcole’s Trusted Accuracy to measure axles for decades, resulting in increased productivity, recognized quality and rapid return on investment.

Cam Lobe Lift Error

Adcole gages and software provide accurate data about camshaft lobe asymmetry with unmatched levels of repeatability.


Gage-to-gage repeatability ensures that camshafts and other parts are manufactured to identical standards/tolerances across the entire plant—or even company-wide.

Center Deviation

Center deviation is based on the three radial cuts of the lobe. It is the difference between the measured diameter of the center cut and the average of the diameters of the two outer cuts.


When profile error of your cylindrical part has a repeating, undulating pattern, it is said to exhibit Chatter. Adcole gages provide chatter measurement to find the specific Undulations per Revolution and amplitude results for a recurring signal


Concentricity is a complex tolerance used to establish a tolerance zone for the median points of a cylindrical or spherical part feature. Concentricity is generally reserved for high-precision parts, and only when there is a need to control median points.

Crankshaft & Camshaft Measuring Gages

Adcole crankshaft and camshaft gages are designed to meet the demands of production lines while providing the very best in accuracy, versatility and reliability. Their ruggedness and superior repeatability set the standard in the world of metrology.


With a large selection of gages that can accurately and efficiently measure crankshafts, Adcole’s optical metrology products are applicable in a wide array of industries.

Custom Gages

Adcole automatic and semi-automatic cylindrical coordinate measuring machines are known for their exceptional accuracy and high repeatability. We can design or customize a coordinate measuring machine for virtually any application to accommodate your production and quality control requirements.


Cylindricity is defined as the difference between the maximum radius and the minimum radius of all three-journal measurements relative to the axis of the outer cuts.


The measured diameter is based on a single radial measurement. The average of the radial readings of the follower is used to compute a best fit circle. The follower readings are summed up and divided by the number of data points per revolution, and then multiplied by two to get the average diameter.

Eccentric Shafts

As pivotal parts of steam locomotives and other engines, eccentrics must be measured to the kind of high standards for which Adcole gages are specifically designed.


Flatness is measured using a height gauge run across the surface of the part where the reference feature is held parallel, being certain that any point along the surface does not go above or below the tolerance zone. Adcole gages deliver sub-micron measurement accuracies, providing 3D measurement about the length and width of the part — ensuring the entire surface is in tolerance.


Tolerances and standards for gears grow tighter every year. Adcole’s gages are specifically designed to accommodate these high standards.

Gears & Transmission Shaft Measuring Gages

When it comes to quality assurance, engineers expect durable, reliable metrological solutions. Adcole gages are relied on worldwide for in-depth analysis of gears and transmission shifts.

Heavy Diesel Camshafts & Crankshafts

Adcole’s gages are just as reliable for measuring heavy diesel machine parts as they are for standard automobiles.

Heavy Diesel Equipment

The versatility of Adcole’s gages means that they can be put to use on equipment big and small—heavy diesel machines and vehicles being no exception.

Adcole gages are so versatile that they can easily manage quality control tasks on equipment big and small — heavy diesel machines and vehicles included.

High Precision Gages

At Adcole, precision is prized. These gages offer the world standard in precise, accurate data to ensure quality, efficiency and reduced cost on the manufacturing floor.

Horizontally Loaded Gages

Our horizontally loaded gages use revolutionary 3D software to provide precise, high speed measurements of complex features.

Hydraulic Rings

Using Adcole gages, hydraulic pump rings can be measured with the industry standard in precision, efficiency, and ease, freeing up your work force and saving time.

In-Line Gages

Adcole’s ln-line camshaft measuring machines have brought audit room measurement accuracy to the production line.


Adcole is respected worldwide for the durability of our metrology solutions. Whether you’re using Adcole products in a lab environment or right on your industrial facility’s factory floor, our gages will continue to operate at the highest possible level of performance.

Laser/Optical Non-contact Measuring Systems

Our optical metrology probes and systems enable engineers to quickly identify and solve manufacturing problems. Adcole gages are renowned for their durability, providing shop floor ruggedness while delivering the highest performance for close tolerance measurements.


Length is a measured dimension of an object. Adcole gages deliver part length data to within 10-12 millionths of an inch (0.25 μm).

Locomotive Engine & Rail

Adcole’s team of experts understands that, when it comes to locomotive engines and rails, precise, repeatable measurements are of the utmost importance, which is why our engineers have designed our gages to provide reports you can rely on.


Our sophisticated metrological machines provide dependable analysis of parts for use in marine systems.

Max Height of Profile

The maximum height of profile is defined on the sampling length: like the average maximum height of profile, this measurement is typically used to check whether the profile has protruding peaks that might affect static or sliding contact function of a component.

Max Peak Depth of Profile

The maximum peak depth of a profile is the depth of the deepest valley from the mean line of the component profile, as defined on the sampling length.

Max Peak Height of Profile

The maximum peak height of profile is the height of the highest peak from the mean line of the component profile, as defined on the sampling length.

Metrology Software + 3D Mapping

Adcole provides comprehensive metrology software for enhanced measurement analysis. Powerful productivity suites allow for in-depth measurement analysis and straightforward gage operation, from 3D mapping software to simplified gage programming with Adcole’s Program Builder.


Measured parallelism, sometimes called journal parallelism, is based on the radial measurements of the two outside cuts of the journal.


Perpendicularity is based on the strain gage and carriage readings taken over a full revolution. The perpendicularity calculation is based on the difference between the face axis and reference axis


Adcole’s rugged gages, such as the Model 911, are designed to measure pistons and other cylindrical components in the most demanding production environments.

Power Generation

When it comes to evaluating parts for power generation, Adcole’s metrology solution provide unequaled accuracy, ease of use, and efficiency.

Precision Hydraulic Cylinders

Advanced 3D part mapping allows engineers to visualize precision hydraulic cylinders in intricate detail.


Profile defines a uniform boundary around a surface within which the elements of the surface must lie. Profile simultaneously controls a feature‘s form, size, orientation, and location.

Pump Lobes

Pump lobes are relied upon in machines across a wide variety of industries, making it vital for you to have accurate, in-depth measurements of these essential parts.

Pumps & Compressors

Using Adcole’s metrology systems to assess industrial pump parts and compressors improves production output, helps to identify and solve manufacturing problems, and saves engineers troubleshooting time.

RMS Roughness

Roughness average is an average taken from measuring the surface texture of a component. It is quantified by the deviations in the direction of the normal vector of a real surface from its ideal form. If these deviations are large, the surface is rough; if they are small, the surface is smooth.

Robot Loaded & Fully Automatic Gages

Not only do Adcole’s robot loaded, fully automatic gages save your company time, they free up engineers so they can focus on other pivotal projects.

Robotic Shafts

Adcole’s engineers understand the exceptionally tight tolerances that robotic shafts and reducers must meet, which is why our gages are capable of repeatable, sub-micron precision.


Adcole’s gages are constructed to ensure the kind of extremely low inherent error that is necessary in the highly precise field of robotics.

Roughness Average

Rely on our world standard laser measurement technology to inform you of imperfections on a microscopic scale, saving your team valuable time spent troubleshooting.


Roundness is defined as the difference between the maximum radius (Rmax) and the minimum radius (Rmin) relative to the least squares center of a single radial measurement.


Runout is based on a single radial measurement and is defined as the difference between the maximum radius (Rmax) and the minimum radius (Rmin) relative to the reference axis.

Sliding Camshafts

Combined with Adcole’s groundbreaking independent, opposed measuring heads, our touch-screen interface makes diagnostic routines and part identification of sliding camshafts easier than ever before.

Small Engine & Appliances

Discover how Adcole gages can help your company get faster, more accurate measurements of small engine and appliance parts.


Straightness is defined as the difference between the maximum positive deviation (Rmax) and the maximum negative deviation (Rmin) , relative to the Least Squares line of a single vertical measurement.

Surface Finish

Surface finish, also known as surface texture or surface topography, is the nature of a surface as defined by the three characteristics of lay, surface roughness, and waviness. It comprises the small, local deviations of a surface from the perfectly flat ideal (a true plane).

Surface Finish/Roughness Measuring Gages

Adcole introduced the very first semi-automatic surface roughness gages for production. The robust construction and anti-vibration technology provide highly accurate surface roughness measurements, even in harsh production environments.


Taper is a determination of angle and form errors on the outside and inside tapers, and parts with angular surfaces.


The crank throw is a measure of the distance from the center-line of the main journal to the center-line of the rod journal. This distance could be considered the radius of the crank arm. Twice this measurement provides the stroke of an engine.

Transmission / Output Shafts

Across industries, Adcole gages are relied upon to keep your engines’ most essential parts—such as transmission and output shafts—running safely and efficiently.


Just like your transportation/trucking company, Adcole is in it for the long haul; we pride ourselves on the fact that our gages are never obsolete.

True Position

The True Position is the exact coordinate, or location defined by basic dimensions or other means that represents the nominal value. The “Position” Tolerance is how far your features location can vary from its “True Position”.


Reduce scrap and rework of turbochargers through the use of Adcole’s patented pattern recognition technology.

Vertically Loaded Gages

Adcole’s vertically loaded gages use highly sophisticated sensors to ensure accurate read-outs.

Asperity Removal software screenshot

Asperity Removal Software

Material Build-Up & Advanced Straightness software

Material Build-Up

Real Time Chatter Analysis

Real Time Chatter Analysis

NextGen User Interface

NextGen User Interface

1100-S Gage

1100-S: Automated Crankshaft Measurement Solution

Alt=Diametric Follower System

DiaMetric™ Follower System

Alt= 911 Gage Family

911: Automated Metrology Solution

Adcole Model 1000: Surface Roughness Gage

1000: Surface Roughness Gage

Adcole Model 1000Z Zygo Surface Finish Imaging

1000-Z: Optical Tactile Surface Finish

Adcole Model 1100-GX

1100-GX: Glass Linear Encoder

1200: Cylindrical Crankshaft/Camshaft Gage

Alt= 1200 LX laser interferometer-based system

1200-LX: Laser Interferometer-Based Solution

Adcole Model 1301

1302: Compact Horizontal Gage

Adcole Model 1304/1206: Horizontal Axle Transmission Gage

1304/1306: Horizontal High-Speed Multi-Head Gage

alt="Adcole 1310 gage that shows a high speed camshaft manufacturing application"

1310: High Speed In-Line Measuring Gage

Adcole Model 1310S with Lid Closed

1310-S: High Speed Tactile Gage

Alt= LightSCOPE laser triangulation optical measurement system

LightSCOPE: Optical Measurement System

Alt=3D Inspection Software

3D Inspection Software

Alt=Program Builder software

Gage Programming Software


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