On Saturday November 19th, NASA will launch GOES-R and on-board, playing a critical role in maintaining the satellite’s orbit, will be Adcole Fine and Coarse Sun Sensors. The GOES-R (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series) is an advanced satellite imaging system designed to forecast and track dangerous weather phenomena on Earth and in Space.

The system will provide advanced warning of hurricanes, tornadoes, dangerous lighting storms, and potential flash flooding events, as well as monitor solar flare activity that can interfere with navigation/communication systems and produce energized particle radiation hazardous to astronauts and spacecraft. For such a critical mission, only the most reliable, accurate and robust components proven to withstand space’s unforgiving environment can be used, which is why, for nearly 60 years, going back to the very earliest days of the space program, Adcole sun sensors have been selected time and time again for the most critical space missions.

goes-r-plaqueIn recognition of Adcole’s contribution to the GOES-R mission, NASA recently presented Adcole with a plaque for “Outstanding Execution”.  Adcole is honored to be part of another NASA mission and remains committed to supplying the most advanced and highest quality sun sensors in the solar system.

You can learn more about the GOES-R mission here or through these excellent videos. Be sure to catch the launch live on NASA TV.