Adcole is pleased to announce a new gage programming interface which drastically reduces the time necessary to program new parts into your Adcole gage.  Because of its innovative output-driven user interface, this utility requires significantly less operator training time to learn, and makes part programming, sequence building, and reporting more simple and streamlined.

To set up a part in the Adcole gage, the user need only select the features he/she wants reported and the utility creates the inspection sequence.  SPC and output report templates are also generated.

As you can see from this screen image, individual measurement parameters can be applied to part elements by checking the appropriate box.  In this example we have defined main bearing tolerances for center deviation, diameter, roundness, and runout to the end mains.  These features will then be displayed on the gage output report.  Since we are defining main bearing features, all mains are show in green, on the part depiction.

You can also customize this utility to best suit your needs. If you have a set of features you always measure, or would like to limit the available options, you can create and save a custom feature list.  This can be useful for sorting Operations and creating programs for new part types.


Selections and inputs can be reused on similar parts, or for similar operations. Saved formats are written to an .xml file.


The new interface is currently available on new Adcole 1100 and 1200 gage models and can be retrofitted to some older equipment.  Other gage models and camshaft applications are currently in development.  To see a demonstration of Adcole’s new output driven interface and discuss your upgrade options, please contact your sales representative, or email Adcole at