Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor

The Adcole Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor is designed for use on small spinning satellites. This sensor has flown on the ST5 and Themis satellite clusters, and has been delivered for the NASA MMS program.

Miniature Spinning Sun Sensor
Features Fully integrated unit with optical heads and electronics processing circuitry.
Field of View ±87.5° from normal to spin axis
Accuracy ±0.25°
LSB Size 0.125°
Input Power +12V to +15V (Power consumption less than 0.5 W)
Output Parallel 11 data bits plus sun crossing pulse output
Weight 0.55lb (0.25kg) max
Size 2.26″ x 2.03″ x 2″ (57 x 51.5 x 51 mm), exclusive of connector and mounting pads