Bench Test Equipment

Adcole Bench Test Equipment Bench Test Equipment (BTE) can be used for bench testing of any Sun Sensor hardware. The spacecraft interface can be emulated in the BTE, allowing the functionality of the Sensor Head(s) and Electronics to be verified.

A typical BTE provides conditioned power and any required control signals to a Sun Sensor Electronics (SSE). The SSE output data can be displayed on the BTE directly, or to a PC/laptop that interfaces with the BTE. Any analog and/or digital telemetry outputs of the SSE can also be monitored using the BTE. The SSE can be operated by itself, or with Sun Sensor Head(s) connected.

The BTE can also perform an electrical check of one or more Sun Sensor Heads. While not an accuracy test, the proper electrical signature of each solar cell with each Sun Sensor Head can be verified.

A typical BTE is powered by a universal AC power input (85 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz). Other power methods can be accommodated.