MARLBOROUGH, MA April 29, 2019. Adcole today announced the DiaMetric™ follower system — a solution engineered to significantly improve diameter measurement results. Enabling manufacturers to obtain 5 times greater accuracy, the DiaMetric follower system offers submicron performance levels of ± .2 μm when measuring diameters on their existing Adcole 911 gage.

Organizations using the DiaMetric system can confidently measure tolerances that are challenging or impossible to obtain on a typical Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machine (CCMM). Now, advanced manufacturers can measure concentric diameters on camshaft and crankshaft journals, eccentric shafts, robotic shafts, electric motor rotors, and other rotating shafts down to tolerances as low as 5 μm. This capability coupled with Adcole’s unparalleled strength in measuring chatter or lobing on ground surfaces provide customers with the most advanced solution available for a variety of high-demand applications.

“Adcole’s DiaMetric follower system finally provides an automated gaging solution that advanced manufacturers have been waiting for. Improvements in manufacturing technology and the resultant tighter diameter tolerances in applications such as electric vehicle rotor shafts require a solution that meets these increasingly tough demands”, states Jeff Walker, CEO, Adcole, LLC. “Now with the purchase of a new 911 or through retrofitting their existing 911 gage, organizations can obtain submicron accuracy results with the confidence that Adcole gages are known to provide.”

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