Crofton, MD and Marlborough, MA, May 2017 Adcole Corporation and Maryland Aerospace Incorporated (MAI) announced that these two leaders in small satellites and spacecraft attitude control have merged, forming a new company called Adcole Maryland Aerospace, LLC.

Adcole, celebrating its 60 year anniversary, is a technological pioneer in precision sun sensors with a rich spaceflight heritage dating back to the earliest days of space exploration. In addition to providing critical components to many of history’s most notable missions including voyages to Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, Adcole sun sensors are currently on the GOES-R weather satellite, all GPS satellites, and hundreds of military and commercial communications satellites.

Maryland Aerospace, Inc. (MAI) is a leading provider of Small Satellite and CubeSat components and end-to-end space systems. Since delivering the world’s first self-contained CubeSat attitude determination and control system in 2009, MAI has delivered more CubeSat attitude control systems than any other vendor. MAI’s most recent small satellite, Kestrel Eye Block II, will soon be delivered to the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and is scheduled for launch later this year.

“The merger of these two companies fulfills an unprecedented blending of traditional and new space product lines in a single provider. Adcole Maryland Aerospace is ideally positioned to serve a broad spectrum of space technology needs ranging from Adcole’s traditional deep space and GEO Comm customers to MAI’s entrepreneurial CubeSat pioneers”, said Glen Cameron, former EVP of MAI and now President of Adcole Maryland Aerospace.

Tom Macdonald, VP of Adcole’s Aerospace division stated: “We are very excited to combine the engineering and new product development expertise of Maryland Aerospace with Adcole’s capability to produce high reliability hardware for our nation’s most critical space programs.”

“We are very pleased to join forces with our new partners at Adcole Aerospace” said MAI President and Founder, Steve Fujikawa.  “We anticipate that Adcole Maryland Aerospace will become a dominant and dynamic presence in the space industry through this strategic alignment of talent, technology and resources.”

Adcole Maryland Aerospace will maintain two locations to better serve the aerospace industry, with facilities in Crofton, Maryland and Marlborough, Massachusetts. More information on the merger and Adcole Maryland Aerospace technology can be found at