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Adcole President and CEO Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

President & CEO

Jeff joined Adcole as VP Global Sales and Marketing in 2017 and was promoted to President and CEO in 2018. He is responsible for global sales operations and manages the North American offices, as well as international operations located in Germany, China and Japan. Jeff is also responsible for Adcole’s marketing communications, strategic product marketing, and corporate development focusing on partnerships, joint ventures and acquisitions.

Jeff has over 20 years of sales, sales management, business development and marketing experience with a variety of high-tech industrial firms—most recently with Olympus and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His position prior to joining Adcole was Vice President of global sales and marketing for the analytical instruments business unit at Olympus. Previous to his commercial experience, Jeff worked as a process engineer and product engineer for a specialty carbon and graphite manufacturer.

Jeff holds a BS degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

Alt= Paul Richards, V.P. of Engineering

Paul Richards

Vice President of Engineering

Paul Richards has been an Adcole employee since 1997. Prior to his current role as Vice President of Engineering, Paul served as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and as the Principle Engineer.
Alt= Jared Anderson, Director of Sales for the Americas

Jared Anderson

Director of Sales for the Americas

Jared Anderson is Adcole's Director of Sales for the Americas. He brings a deep skill set in management, technical sales support, and precision machining and assembly processing to the role.

He has 20 years of advanced manufacturing experience, including long tenures with ThyssenKrupp Presta AG and Sauer Danfoss.

Jared holds a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Adcole VP of Software Development William Smith

William Smith

Director of Software Strategy

William has been with Adcole since 1988 and was the Director of Software Development for 14 years prior to becoming Vice President of Software Development in 2014. Will has worked closely with Adcole’s customers to develop specialized analysis tools for their camshaft, crankshaft and piston projects. He has been instrumental in creating and expanding the Chatter Analysis tools in Adcole’s gage software.

Prior to joining Adcole, Will worked at General Electric with a team of software developers in the Fan and Compressor Aero Group.

Will received a BS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Adcole Operations Director Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott

Vice President of Operations

Gordon joined Adcole as the Operations Director in 2016. He has over 25 years of manufacturing operations management experience and is responsible for Metrology (Gaging) operations including: Production, Materials and Quality. He is also responsible for Field Service in the US, Canada, Brazil, India and Mexico.

Prior to joining Adcole, Gordon held several managerial roles at ITW-Speedline Technologies and served as General Manager at both Polymer Corporation and HBM, Inc.

He holds a BSME from Northeastern University and an MBA from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Adcole VP of Engineering Steve Corrado

Stephen Corrado

Chief Engineer

Stephen has been with Adcole since 1984. Prior to becoming Vice President of Engineering in 2012, he spent over 28 years serving in various mechanical engineering roles within the company. Steve has been a major contributor to the design and development of many of the gage models that Adcole offers. He is responsible for all mechanical and electronic design functions in the Adcole gaging division.

Steve earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in 1980, and began his career as a Modal Analysis Engineer at Heald Machine Company in Worcester, MA prior to joining Adcole.

Ben Lin

Executive Director Adcole Asian Operations (Shanghai)

Ben is the Executive Director Adcole Asian Operations. He joined Adcole in 1999 and has nearly two decades of experience working in major Asian markets with various agents and resellers, plus a strong engineering background that enables him to conduct technical sales and develop applications that meet customer requirements. Ben set up Adcole Measurement Equipment (Shanghai) in 2004 and currently serves as corporate representative. He pioneered establishment of the sales and field service framework in Adcole Indian market. Ben is also a board member of Adcole Far East (Japan). Prior to joining Adcole, Ben worked as a business partner to develop Adcole Chinese market.

Ben holds a 5-year undergraduate degree in Optical Instrumentation and a graduate degree in Precision Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. He was a visiting scholar at Optodyne, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA and he has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Clark University, Worcester, MA.

Rainer Isselhorst

Adcole GmbH Managing Director

Rainer serves as Managing Director of Adcole GmbH. He has a strong sales and engineering background, with experience as a European Head of Sales for Adcole GmbH and as a Sales Engineer at Adcole GmbH. Prior to those roles, Rainer held positions in Sales at Siemens AG, and as a Sales Engineer at MBP Mathematical Consulting and Programming Service.

Rainer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from the University of Applied Sciences, Bochum.








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